Bit The Robot
Bit The Robot

Bit The Robot was created by professor Sprocket as a companion bot to his daughter Kit who lost her mother at an early age.  Kit didn’t have any friends to speak of. Because of a frail constitution, Kit stayed home and received schooling by an education-kiosk. One of the many inventions Professor Sprocket had created.

Professor Sprocket is employed by the LVL UP Corporation as their top robotics engineer, a company which specializes in the creation of micro processors and robotics. Sprocket has won many awards for his innovations in robotics as well as artificial intelligence and was recently presented with a prestigious award for his newly created AI, the LUX-Core.

But one day, everything changed. The world would soon see an invasion from a group of Space Pirates from the planet Emulon. They soon abduct the Professor and place him under their control. While Sprocket was under the influence of the Emulons mind control, their leader, Lord Diode was able to get a glimpse of Bits potential and had Sprocket create ROM. A robot with the same capabilities as Bit, able to adapt to its surroundings.  Equipped with an arsenal of weaponry, Rom will lead the new Emulon robot army in their quest to conquer Earth.

With the disappearance of Professor Sprocket, and the Earth now under invasion by an alien force, the people of Earth began to lose hope. With the situation looking grim, Sprockets closest and most trusted colleague Dr. Luna Fuse steps in to help Kit in the quest to find her father.  Dr. Fuse Utilizes Sprockets LUX-Core AI to create the robot named “Pixel”, a navigation and inteligence bot created to assist Bit. She also activates the utility bot “Cookies”, an earlier creation of the Professor. Together they set out on adventure to save the Professor and the world!

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