LVL UP EXPO welcomes all members of the press who are interested in obtaining a press badge for LVL UP EXPO 2017. To receive a press badge, applicants must complete the Press Badge Request application below. Please review the qualifications and conditions below before completing the application. The deadline for Press Applications will be May 7, 2017.



Press Badge privileges include:

  • Complementary admission into LVL UP EXPO
  • Early badge pick up & separate badge pick up on location
  • Front row access for main events

All decisions by LVL UP EXPO are final. LVL UP EXPO reserves the right to approve or decline any application.



To qualify for a LVL UP EXPO 2017 Press Badge,
1.  Be a contributing editor, reporter, and/or writer for any media outlet (website, blog, newspaper, photo/film, air host, YouTube channel).
2. Be able to provide current content relevant to LVL UP EXPO
3. Have a valid ID onsite at LVL UP EXPO, along with Press Badge confirmation.
4. Send press coverage, interviews, photography, etc to appropriate staff after convention



Complementary media passes are limited to TWO PASSES.

Any additional passes will be discussed with a LVL UP EXPO representative



Rules and Conditions

All LVL UP EXPO Media/Press badges are non-transferable, and cannot be sold. Press badges have no monetary value.

When submitting an application for a large party, please specify each individual person by full name, and affiliation to company/organization.

Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance.



We please ask all press badge holders to respect and acknowledge all staff, special guest, and attendees while on-site.


Please review, sign, and attach the Press/Media Release Form.

Submissions without the signed Press/Media Release Form will be discarded.

Press/Media Release Form

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