Top 6 Cons Every Gamer Should Experience in 2018

Can you think of anything better than a media that brings people together, encourages critical thinking, is a host to a plethora of new worlds you could never have thought existed, and is open to all ages? If you can’t, we understand – because there really is nothing more inclusive and entertaining than the vast world of gaming. Whether you prefer video gaming online with your friends connected to you via a headset or staring your opponent down in the final round of your favorite tabletop game, the wide world of gaming beckons all types of people.

Gaming conventions can often be targeted towards a certain type of gamer, be it tabletop or video, but we find that the best video game convention is one that includes a bit of something that appeals to everybody. There’s a wide variety of gaming conventions that do an amazing job of bringing together the same passions, which is why we’ve put together a list of the top 6 cons that every gamer should experience in 2018.


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