1. Costumes deemed lewd or offensive due to nudity are not permitted. Please keep Costumes PG-13.
2. Costumes that display offensive language or image are not permitted.
3. Costumes that may restrict your movement and/or impair your vision are not allowed in the convention hall.
4. Tall stilts, skates, or any shoes with wheels will not be allowed.
5. Shoes MUST be worn at all times.
6. No costumes may be realistic depictions of Law Enforcement or current Military uniforms, or have the words POLICE, POLICIA, SWAT, FBI, DEA, CIA or any other official Government Agency names or initials on them.


1. All props brought into Lvl Up Expo must be in compliance with all current Las Vegas, Nevada, or Federal laws and statues. No exceptions.
2. All props will be reviewed before entering the Lvl Up Expo convention hall and peace-bonded for approval.
3. Live steel, firearms, projectiles, and open flame are not allowed on the premises of the Cashman Convention Center. Exceptions to this rule are: toy plastic guns, air guns with orange tip and NO moving parts, and any plastic guns that is striped of eternal parts and magazine clips.
4. No ammunition of any kind is allowed on the Lvl Up Expo grounds
5. No explosives (fireworks included) or chemicals allowed on Lvl Up Expo grounds
6. Wooden, paper mache, and foam weapons are permitted.
7. Any props that are misused, thrown, swung, or may cause harm to other attendees will result in your privilege as a Lvl Up Expo attendee to be revoked.
8. Any boxed weapons purchased in the convention hall, must remain boxed and stored in your private head quarters.
9. Any “oversize” props will not be permitted on convention grounds. A prop that exceeds 6ft and weights more than 30 pounds is considered an “oversized” prop. You will be asked to keep this prop off convention grounds.
10. Any Lvl Up Expo Staff member that deems a prop to be dangerous will not be permitted on convention grounds.
11. Our policy may be subject to change without prior notice.
12. Gun-like props may not be pointed at another person at anytime, including posing for pictures.


Lvl Up Expo will have official convention photographers and approved media to take pictures and videos of the convention, attendees and events. By purchasing a Lvl Up Expo badge, wearing and attending you agree to allow Lvl Up Expo to use photos that may be taken of you for promotional and decorative purposes.When photographing or videotaping individuals or costumes, please use common courtesy and ask before photographing them. Please respect their rights if they do not wish to be photographed or videotaped. If someone asks or otherwise indicates that they do not wish to be photographed, do not photograph them! Out of courtesy to our vendors, please also refrain from taking photos in front of or explicitly of their products or booths without their permission.


Children 10 and under get in free with paying adult. Children of all ages must be supervised by an adult at all times; Lvl Up Expo, Lvl Up Expo’s Members and LVCVA will not be held responsible.