Side Quest Event Las Vegas 2018


You are strolling through an Exhibit Hall surrounded by an abundance of people, when you notice out of the corner of your eye, a booth with a single stream of light shining down on it. It is calling to you, you are oddly drawn to it. You then realize, you are destined to complete a QUEST. Do you choose to accept?  

What is Side Quest?

Side Quest is a free and interactive event, designed like a scavenger hunt for individuals to complete. Quests are organized into different levels, from easy to hard and can be accomplished anytime through out the day. As quests are completed individuals will gain XP and move up on the difficulty scale.

This event is FREE TO ENTER! But you must purchase a convention badge here to enter the premises and participate.

Event Details

When: Friday, Saturday, Sunday- all exhibit hall hours.
Where: Exhibitor’s Hall, Side Quest Booth


Once all required quests are completed, individuals will be rewarded with collectible LVL UP potion pin(s).

The Rules are Simple!

RSVPing is not required for this event. You must first locate the Side Quest Booth and obtain a punch card and your very first quest from a Quest Ninja to get started. Hold onto this stamp card and complete quests all throughout the weekend! The only thing you are competing against is the clock. Our Quest Ninjas will be at the booth and eager to send you on your journey to complete there bounty of quests.