What to Expect at LVL Up Expo: Video Games, Tournaments, Prizes and More!
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What to Expect at LVL Up Expo: Video Games, Tournaments, Prizes and More!

We like to think that the best experiences are ones that incorporate a little bit of everything. At LVL Up Expo, there are attractions for all ages, ranging from tournaments to cosplay contests to even a wrestling show. While we focus on video gaming, we like to involve all aspects of modern nerd culture, so you’ll see anime, comics, and tabletop gaming sprinkled throughout the convention. This year marks our biggest year yet, and with the new and improved location comes new and improved features. Check out what to expect at LVL Up Expo 2018!


If you are the kind of person who thrives on competition or lives for your moment in the spotlight, our tournament area will be right up your alley. Tournaments will be held for console, tabletop, and PC gaming over the three days of LVL Up Expo, with prizes up to $1,000 cash. We provide state of the art equipment and facilities for anything you fancy competing on, and you can look forward to seeing your gameplay on a 15-foot screen on stage during the finals.


Some of the best talent in the voice actor business comes out for each year’s LVL Up Expo, and this year will be no different. We’re ramping up our special guests this year with appearances from Overwatch voice actors Jonny Cruz, Lucie Pohl, and Anjali Bhimani, along with popular anime voice actors J. Michael Tatum and Justin Briner. Along with the auditory talent comes the incredible cosplay and costuming master, Jez Roth, who has worked in the Las Vegas costuming industry for years and became famous for his intricate cosplay creations.


Along with gaming tournaments, a wrestling show, and a full vendor and artist spread comes challenges like our Pokemon Gym Leader Challenge and our Side Quest challenge. If you like scavenger hunts, you’re in for a treat because these two will have you making new friends while you hunt and battle throughout the convention hall for special prizes. Our annual Cosplay Contest will continue this year as well, giving you the opportunity to show off your passion for your favorite shows and characters through your cosplay and skits.


We consistently strive to create the best experience possible at each year’s convention, so don’t think that this is all that there is to look forward to! Our team is constantly rolling out new features, prizes, and attractions so check our site or social media frequently to check out the latest news!