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$1,000 LVL UP EXPO Cosplay Contest!

It is time to wipe the dust off of your custom proton pack, slip on your Ghostbuster’s jump suit, and adjust your Ecto Goggles, because LVL UP EXPO is giving you 1,000 reasons to sign up for our annual LVL UP EXPO Cosplay Contest.  Costumes will be scored in Presentation, Originality, and Craftsmanship by our experienced guest judges. The cosplayer who can take it to the next level may just win a grand cash prize of $1,000!





Please include the following in your email with subject: COSTUME CONTEST APPLICATION

a. First and last name of Cosplayer;
b. Phone Number;
c. Email;
d. Name of Cosplay Group (if applicable);
e. Character(s);
f. Name of Show/Game/Movie;
g. Name of every member of cosplay group;
h. Genre (Anime, Comic, Video Game, etc.);
i. Stage time preferred;
j. Questions or Notes:


1. All Contestants must be registered attendees of Lvl Up Expo 2014 before contest entry.
Entries are LIMITED and must be submitted online or in person by February 1st , early afternoon.

2. Your costume must be deemed PG-13 and will be evaluated before going on stage, if your costume is inappropriate due to nudity, you will be disqualified from the contest.

3. Costumes must be 75% modified by the cosplayer/ person wearing the costume.

4. Costumes must relate to one of the following categories: Gaming, Comics, Anime, Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Cartoon.

5. Small children may enter in the competition, but must be supervised by an adult or guardian. The designer of the costume must be present during costume evaluation.

6. No live steel or weapons. Additionally, illegal weapons of any kind are not allowed.
All weapons are peace bonded at the entrance of the convention hall.
If you are unsure if a prop is acceptable for the Cosplay Contest, please ask security or the Cosplay Coordinator.

7. Cosplayers who want to use special effects in their presentations and/or audio, must notify the Cosplay Coordinator prior to the February 1st, early afternoon.

8. Costumes with electric power requirements need to be self-contained.
There will be no access to electrical outlets on stage.

9. The Cosplay Coordinator has the right to deny requests for special effects due to safety concerns, power availability and building regulations.

10. The Cosplay Coordinator has the right to eliminate any entry from the competition on the basis of taste, danger to the audience,  violation of any of the above rules, falsification of costume work/authenticity, or any other reason deemed sufficient.

11. Cosplayers are judged on the overall following: Presentation, Originality, and Craftsmanship.

12. $1,000 will be awarded to cosplayer/cosplay group that scores the highest in the above listed categories. Additional prizes and trophies may be awarded to other cosplayers who successfully place.

13. All judge’s and Cosplay Coordinator decisions are final.

14. During stage time, cosplayers may do a walk on/walk off or perform a skit.
Skits have a maximum of three (3) minutes per cosplayer/cosplay group. You must notify the Cosplay Coordinator if you wish to do a performance.

15. By submitting an entry for the Lvl Up Expo Cosplay Contest you agree to the above regulations/rules.


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