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The Making of Aztez

The Making of Aztez with Ben Ruiz

The Making of Aztez with Ben Ruiz

Ben Ruiz, the designer/artist of Aztez, will hold a panel at the 2014 LVL UP EXPO on The Making of Aztez, a PC/Mac/Linux game set for release in early 2014. He is a formally educated artist and designer and teaches game production at Phoenix technical schools and universities throughout the year. He is an Independent Games Festival judge and visual art jury member. He has been working in games since 2004. Ben Ruiz and Matthew Wegner started Team Colorblind, an American independent game development team based in Phoenix, Arizona, i order to “foolishly attempt to make a game as incredible as Capcom®’s Alien™ Vs. Predator™.” That game is Aztez: A Game of Conquest & Brutality.

Aztez – Official Combat Teaser


YouTube Description:

This is the first official teaser for Aztez; Team Colorblind’s debut game set for release in early 2014 on PC, Mac, and Linux!

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Aztez is an action/strategy game hybrid currently in development that claims to be the “crunchiest, most brutal, most stylish, most over-the-top beat-em-up action game developed in over 5000 years – when the ancient Sumerians created Capcom®’s Alien™ Vs. Predator™.” In Aztez, you expand and maintain the Aztec empire through turn-based strategy, while managing violent outbreaks via real-time beat ’em up sequences. Every game is unique; different events will occur, different challenges will emerge, and different spoils will be taken each time you play. Spread, strengthen, subjugate!

Be sure to join us at the LVL UP EXPO this coming February 1st and 2nd at the Cashman Convention Center in Las Vegas to meet Ben Ruiz and attend his panel on The Making of Aztez: A Game of Conquest & Brutality!


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