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Random Encounters!

Random Encounters at LVL UP EXPO!

How to Start Out on YouTube

Special Guests Peter and AJ of Random Encounters are confirmed for a special panel called “How to Start Out on YouTube” at LVL UP EXPORandom Encounters musically pokes and prods at everyone’s favorite games as only a squadron of nerds could. They have over 43 thousand YouTube subscribers and have been viewed over 7.5 million times! They’re part Walt Disney and part Monty Python with over 300 viral videos ranging from their best known, Pac-Man the Musical, to our favorite The Magikarp Song: A Pokemon Shanty (which can be seen below).

Come meet the brains and cleverness behind the gamers who come up with the “absurdist, brain-damaging, and undeniably crafty” masterpieces of pure genius that is Random Encounters at LVL UP EXPO!

WARNING: Musicals are not for everyone. But they should be.

The Magikarp Song: A Pokemon Shanty (Game Parody)


YouTube Description:

Also available on Spotify & Google Play

Magikarp is a dish best served after Level 20.

(The 13th song in Random Encounters’ musical parody series!)

An album version MP3 of the song available. Right click and “Save Link As”:

French translation by Floriane C.

Hey, you! Pikachu!
I want you on my team!
Your shocking ‘lectric powers
complement my water theme!

I’ve got a chance to catch you,
So please don’t take this to heart!
I’ll need to fight you with my Pokemon,
So feel the wrath of MAGIKARP!

Why, you Pikachu!
You think you’re pretty tough?
I hope you’ve packed some Potions,
‘Cause my Pokemon play rough!

Prepare yourself for capture!
Stay on guard! Think fast! Look sharp!
I’m here to nab a Surfing Pikachu,
So I choose you, MAGIKARP!

Curse you, Pikachu!
This ain’t some sort of game!
You think you’re pretty funny,
But you’re driving me insane!

I’ve forty-seven Poke Balls,
Brand new from Poke Mart!
So surrender or you’ll be no more!
Beware my deadly MAGIKARP!

Screw you, Pikachu!
My patience has worn out!
I’ll wipe that smarmy smile
Off your leering little snout!

Just sit there and look pretty
Before I tear this place apart!
Then we’ll see whose laughter’s laughing last!
Here comes my MAGIKARP!

Be sure to meet Random Encounters at LVL UP EXPO this February 1st and 2nd at Cashman Convention Center in Las Vegas!


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