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Retro Gamer Girls

Retro Gamer Girls: Girls Who Got Game

Retro Gamer Girls: Girls Who Got Game

Saturday, February 1, 2014 at 12 noon join the Retro Gamer Girls (a group of girls who not only defy the unspoken rule that video games are just for boys, but show that girls are just as big of video game junkies too) as they discuss old school games, new games, and the return of their show on YouTube where they share game reviews, game hunts, and everything in between.

The Retro Gamer Girls will also join Rob McCallum’s Panel later that same night at 7:30 PM on his upcoming feature-length video game documentary, The NES Club, where they will all discuss the recent trend of video games as a subject matter in the media and why and how collecting video games has become more popular as of late.

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Be it new games and systems or all the way back to the days of the Odyssey and Intellivision, the Retro Gamer Girls are only concerned about the fond memories of retro gaming and the enjoyment of current games and systems. They even welcome boys to join them. Be sure to meet the Retro Gamer Girls at LVL UP EXPO this February 1st and 2nd at Cashman Convention Center in Las Vegas!

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