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Rob McCallum

Rob McCallum The NES Club

Rob McCallum’s The NES Club

We have a very special treat for you on Saturday, Day One of the LVL UP EXPO at 7:30 PM. Come join host Rob McCallum, director of the upcoming feature-length video game documentary, The NES Club, as he and special guests, Retro Gamer Girls, talk about the recent trend of video games as a subject matter in the media and why and how collecting video games has become more popular as of late.

The NES Club Trailer


YouTube Description:

Follow NES Fanatic and Game Collector Jay Bartlett on his quest to secure an entire NES library in 30 days with no online purchases. Along the way, we talk to industry icons and look at the impact of the NES console and Nintendo. It’s the Ultimate 8-bit ROAD TRIP!

You don’t want to miss this panel! Be sure to meet Rob McCallum at LVL UP EXPO this February 1st at Cashman Convention Center in Las Vegas!

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