Convention Map and Exhibitors/Artists List

Read on below for our confirmed Exhibitors,
Artists, and Indie Game Developers for 2020!

Convention Map


Exhibitors, Artists, and Indie Devs


168 Dragon Trading 400/401
5 Hour Energy 108/109
9DKP 100
Akibento 408
All Blue Anime Inc. 508/509/522/523
Anime 3PM 705/720 613/614/629 422
Artistic Flavorz 420
Artistsan studio 426
Artwork By Christopher Cayco 517
Axe Monkeys Game Hall
BB-CRE.8 610
Bishounen Boutique 715/716
Bitter Bandit 101/113
Brick Bunch LLC 413/414
California Hot Shots 326-329
Cardboard Otaku 609
Cartamagica 208/209
Case Ology 304/319
Chalk Twins Game Hall
Chibizilla 412/427
Closet geek llc 700/701
Collector’s Anime 409/423
Colorworld Books, Inc. 505/520
Crimson Chain Leatherworks 500/501/515/516
Critical Hit Collectibles 302/317
Cutiehats 625
DC-Imports 511/512/513
Dragon Song Forge 307/322
DreamerCorp 723
Equilibrium USG 514
Fanciful Gift LLC 407/421
Fantasm 622
Fantastic Fam Inc 410/411
First Comics 706
Manga De Japanese 704
Flex Comics 707
Funky Garage 303
Funmono Designs 801
Game On Expo D18
Game Repair 210/222/223
Geeky And Kinky 621
GinGee Girls Art 710/724
GizmoForge 620
GlowZone Game Hall
Goozee Pins 305/320
Grand Line Games 405/418
Holly Wolf 403
In My Parents Basement 116/117/118
Its Lit!!! 612
J&R Apparel 527
Japan Funtime 725/726
Jones Bones Swords 602/603/617/618
JS Anime 220/221
Kamikaze Gamez 525/526
Kinfold 404/417
Kyberlight Sabers 207/219
kyupls & chiffonsu 518
Lasik Vision Institute 218
Liberty Hustle 309
Literary Alterations 702/717
Local Anime 506/507
Lumica USA 306
LunaCatz 712/713
Lvl Up Merch 102/103
Microsoft 203/204/214/215/216
Misty Mountains 521
Momokun 402/415
My 4 Sons Comics, Cards, & Games 714/727
Nerdy Bit 425
OG Collectibles 802/803
On Point D19/D20
Pennavir Vinyl Decals 315/316
PescEffects- The Art of Jerry Pesce 107/119
Phantasy Realms Art Studio 201
Pixel Empire 627
Pixel Hour Toy Box 718
Poke Doki 719
Q-rio 711
Radiant Grey 624
Rivalry Cosmetics 212
Sektor Seven / Shhteeb 628
Shark Robot 200/211/308/323
Shawnsolo Games 313
ShimpSonSComicS 510
Shinobi Stickers 524
SKG Gaming 424
SRG Universe Inc 314
Super Effective 324
Susan Onysko Photography Game Hall
T-mobile 406
Tasty Peach Studios 205/217
Tee No Evil 311/312
The Artistic Dabbler 616
The Jay Company 608/623
The Peculiar Magpie 604/619
Toy Arena 321
Toy Mandala 502/503/504
Toys Logic 605/606/607
Toytropolis 318/611/626
Tuscan Highlands 120/121
UCC Distributing 104/105/106
Unicorn Astronaut Cosplay 416
Valeza 114/115
Video Game Intertainment 419
We Go Gamez Game Hall
Wild Bill Soda 300/301
Wizyakuza/Toy Temple 600/601/615
Yay4Anime 708/722
YoSaChan 709
Zettai Ryouiki 206
Zombie Patrol 202/213


Senpai Squad A01
Jisu A02
Melora Mylin A03
onemegawatt A04
Pixel Hour A05
ofSkySociety A06
Tacoroach / Fairly Artful A07
Kurtis Rykovich A08
AJTouch A09
Art of Mai Van A10
jdelgado! A11
Wee Bit O Geek and Freak A12
TLSeelyIllustrations A13
Art Roman A14
Lonelystar A15
Lili Neko A16
Kevin Chae A17
barachan A18
joapplesauce A19
Tenshika A20
Etherelle Art A21
kakimari A22
From Caliko A23
Uber Dungeon A24
TheJettyJetShow A25
Hexselenas A26
alyruko A27
Pinky and Haru A28
King Kuma and Furan A29
My Faerietale A30
injureddreams A31
Cazel R. A32
SJ Miller A33
Pins & Needle / Dear Kisaragi A34
Azula A35
Maiko A36
Plumiie A37
8 Bit Itch A38
Weegonza Bazaar A39
Dbl Feature A40
Jiji Knight A41
Khanithakat A42
Orozco Design Studio A43
Hero Wares and Supplies A44
Sincerely Sam A45
Art of James Bousema A46
Digital Potatoes A47
PillowDS A48
Hamimo Small Things A49
Artist Abe A50
baimon A51
Priscilla Wilson A52
Little Shop of Pins A53
rainubrew A54
Pascual Productions A55
G21MM A56
Daianpan & LittleRedBean A58
Marcotte Studios A59
Jelli filled Taiyaki A60
RobotCat A61
CeeVee! Illustrations A62
Ryu + Hoku A64
StitchToons by Disney Artist Jonathan Hallett A65
BottiVingelo A66
RossDraws A67
Reddachi A68
Aortic Inkwell A69
Bow Peeps & Slybonsai A70
Lilycli A71
Citrus Atelier A72
Savvy Jensen Art A73
SiQ Clothing A74
Kitty Flower Art A75
StitchyGeeks A76
Rootis Tabootus A77
Massoart A78
Cici’s Art & Stuff A79
Sentimentaldolliez A80
Art by Vy A81
TealTeacupShop A82
NerdPins A83
Girutea A84
Philthy Turtle Perlers A85
Critical Hit Collectibles A86
Christian Angel A87
Sworderailer A88
Bleached Kitten Inkk A89
Bandage Brigade A90

Indie Game Developers

Beyond the Black Door D06
Scorched Edge Animation Network D13
Dice Tactics D12
Mayfirerose D01
FX Unit Yuki D04
Indigo Garden D07
Love at Blood Moon University D03
Reapers / Indie Hall Booth D10
Scary Movie Night D17
Whim Independent Studios D15/16
Studio Noir D11
Spicyroll Studios D05
Tribble Troubles D08
Unis Technology D19/20
VRLEO D09/14
Hidden Garden Games D02

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