Convention Map and Exhibitors, Artists, Indie Game Dev. Lists

Read on below for our confirmed Exhibitors,
Artists, and Indie Game Developers for 2022!

Convention Map

Link to Map PDF

2022 map

Exhibitors, Artists, and Indie Devs


168 Dragon Trading 411-412
7th Dimension 1700-1701/1800-1801
All Blue Anime Inc. 1100-1101/1200-1201
Anime 3PM 1712/1812
Anime Gear Guru 1502/1602 1105-1107 400-401
Art of Dominic Glover 1600-1601
Artistic Flavorz 1305
Artistsan studio 1507
Artwork By Christopher Cayco 506-507
Axe Monkeys Game Hall
Baz LLC 203
BB-CRE.8 1508-1509
Bishounen Boutique 1309-1412
Blu Water Ink 1704
Brick Bunch LLC 1703
California Hot Shots 1304/1405-1407
CarlosArts.CO 1503
Case Ology 906/1008
Chalk Twins Special Guests
Charm Square 1810
Chibitasm 1411
Chibizilla 1111-1112
Closet Geek LLC 1705/1805
Collector’s Anime 902/1002
Colorworld Books, Inc. 904/1005
Critical Hit Collectibles 511-512
Cutiehats 1501
Cyanide & Happiness 909/1012
DaSueDragon Designs 1306/1408
EK Fluid Gaming 105
Equilibrium USG 1303
Everyday Geek glass 702/802
Fanciful Gift LLC 1011
Fantastic Fam Inc 901/1001
Fine Collectibles Displays & Protection 1807
Fixture Gaming 300-301
Foam Brain 1108-1109
Forged Foam 1307-1308
Funky Garage 302-303
Furbae Factory 609
Game Repair 709-710/810
Gamers4Gamers 1302/1402
Geeklectic 1802
G Fuel 305-307/405-407
Goozee Pins 402-403
Grand Line Games 504/603
Hoardable 1504/1603
In My Parents Basement 1205-1207
Japan Funtime 703/704
Jones Bones Swords 1708-1709/1808-1809
JS Anime 1409-1410
Jumble Blender 708
Kawaii Chainz 600-601
Kinfold 1605
Liberty Hustle 1505/1604
LunaCatz 1211-1212
LVL UP Merchandise 102-104
Manga De Japanese 1004
Masuko Engineering 1003
Meta TCG 1300-1301
Misty Mountains 803-804
MultiVerse Products 1006-1007
My 4 Sons Comics, Cards, & Games 701/801
Nerdy Bit 1506
Nerdy Novelty Design 1811
OG Collectibles 900/1000
Orozco Design Studio & Shhteeb 1706
Otterbox 100-101/200-201
Pennavir Decals 1500
PescEffects- The Art of Jerry Pesce 304/404
Pixel Empire 700/800
Quilts and Crap 503
Radiant Grey 1404
Retro City games 410
Shark Robot 505/604/908/1010
Shawnsolo Games 1510
Shellanin Cosplay 1009
ShimpSonSComicS 1702
Shinobi Stickers 1806
Sigma Comics 1403
Sin City Comics 1803
SKG Gaming 903
Stylin Online 705-707/805-807
Tee No Evil 808-809
The Artistic Dabbler 1711
The Jay Company 502/602
The Legging Lass 1710
The Tech Monkey 905
Toy Arena 605
Toy Mandala 1208-1210
Toys Logic 1606-1608
Toy Temple 712-812
Toytropolis 1400-1401/1511
Triforce Cosplay and Accessories 508-510/606-608
Uber Dungeon 1512
Unicorn Astronaut Cosplay 907
V1Tech 308-310
Vamplette Cosplay 1110
Vibranium creations 1804
Wild Bill Soda 500/501
Wizyakuza 711-811
Wolf’s Cosplay Shop 408-409
YoSaChan 1609
Zettai Ryouiki 202
Zombie Patrol 1102-1104/1202-1204


@ArtByZhivago A81
1First Comics A29
Ahniki A05
alyruko and mynameiseyyyyyy A35
Ama Ama Accesories A98
apocalyss A04
Arcanic Artistry A34
Art By Quinton A92
Art by Vy A87
Art of Alexander Iaccarino A30
Art of Mai Van A08
Art Roman A94
Artsy Engineers A110
Astrollation A06
Atomic Mushroom Toys A18
badweebtastedesigns A69
Bandage Brigade A67
beardedjalapno A83
BottiVingelo A13
Bow Peeps & Slybonsai A75
BryceKhoDraws A107
CeeVee! Illustrations A45
chiffonsu A108
Chloe’s Cray Creations A90
Christa Doodles A43
Clover Patch Studio A68
Con Crew Studio A36
concon A104
Created By Nerds A102
CultClassicPosters A14
DreamerCorp. A89
Egg Dadde A70
emilieevo A74
ETTO Arts A02
EXP Gained A09
Free DLC Artwork A10
Freeze-Ex – ICECUTE Studio A73
From Caliko A80
G21MM Art A82
ghostlygoods A16
Gigi Rockets A105
Girutea A85
Goldstar Lucky A91
Hamachi Harlot Art, LLC & Kanpai Designs, LLC A93
Hardcore Vigilante Studios A44
Hero Wares and Supplies A21
Ink Junk A86
InkFable Media A27
Ivory Ice A54
Izelillustrations A52
Jackal And Hare A79
Jake’s Pins A111
Jessie Hannah Art A72
Jiji Knight A12
Joyce Rainbow Art A63
JustADude Prints A55
KG table A103
Kitty Flower Art A60
Krafty Bandits A84
Kurtis Rykovich A62
Lauren Hana Chai and You Been Kim A32
Lee Wiley Art A64
Left Hand Asylum A40
Lili Neko A76
Marcotte Studios A46
Matsumoto Art A66
Melora Mylin A19
mhorlack A31
Midnight Studios Comics A47
Misty Figs A88
Mr-Quacker’s Artistry A59
My Faerietale A24
Naytendo A65
Nerdpins A11
Nina Draws A28
OfSkySociety A99
Pascual Productions, LLC A48
Pitchgold A78
Pixel Hour A58
Plot Twist Publishing A25
Plumiie A109
puppySHAKER! A20
rainubrew A61
RobotCat A07
RootisTabootus A71
rosy gaze A96
RyuuHana A97
Saikoshroom A57
Sam Sawyer Illustrations A39
Sekai Art A37
Shakenbake Art A95
Shubaobao A53
SiQ Clothing A100
Sketch of Life A77
spicytunaa A38
Subconscious Realms A51
Sukesha Ray A26
Superlens A22
Sworderailer A106
Tenshika A23
The Art of Cathleen Abalos A15
The Jetty Jet Show A42
Timeskip Studio A01
Tuesday co. A101
Twin Peach & Co. A33
Ukiyo-e Heroes A49
Weegonza Bazaar A41

Indie Game Developers

Angry Town G12
EQ Studios G04-G05
Legacy of the Griffin G06
Lord of Fire & Ice G10-G11
Reptilian Rising G19
Rising Spire G07
Scary Robot G17
Schell Games D01-D02
Smack Studio G01-G02
Snack Master Jack G20
Stars in the Sky Studios G18
Sudd City Interactive G03
Tails From Alteria G14
Victory Heat Rally G09

Community & Non-Profit

Anime Banzai C09
Anime For Humanity C05
Anime Social C06
Cosplay Vegas C07
Critical Care Comics C01
Guardians of Las Vegas C10
Las Vegas Cause-players Alliance C12
Las Vegas Inferno C02
LUGVegas C11
LVDD Las Vegas’ Medieval Combat Team / Metal Mosh Melee C04
Otaku Dreams Cosplay Cafe C08
Sin City Anime C03

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