Convention Map and Exhibitors/Artists List

Read on below for our confirmed Exhibitors,
Artists, and Indie Game Developers for 2019!

Convention Map


Exhibitors, Artists, and Indie Devs


13reezer 187
168 Dragon Trading 181/196
3D Fandom 129
9DKP 208
All Blue Anime Inc. 159/160/175/176
Amazing Las Vegas Cosplayers 119
Anime 3PM 186/202
Anime Bazaar 183/199 113/114/115 190
Artistsan Studio 182
Artistic Flavorz 215
Art Of David Wong 121
Artwork By Christopher Cayco 209
AT&T 253/254/245
Bishounen Boutique 104/112
Blue Sky Company 101/109
California Hot Shots 236/237/238/223
Cardboard Otaku 157
Celestial Comics/ Guests 210/211
Chibizilla 193
Closet geek llc 106
Collector’s Anime 134/135
Colorworld 197/198
Cutiehats 179
Dusty Attic Comics 185/201
ESC-Toy Ltd 246
ES-Future 120/
Fanciful Gift LLC 100/108
Fantasm 184
Fantastic Fam Inc 188/204
Funmono Designs 171
Game Repair 130/131/144
Game Tower 217
GizmoForge 151
Goozee Pins 167
Grand Line Games 116/117/132/133
Horror Guests 102/103/110/111
Inkchip Designs 222
Inspired Ink 142/143
IQ Technologies INC 138/139/140
J&R Apparel 200
Japanimetion 145
Jones Bones Swords 147/148/163/164
JS Anime 203
Kellys Heroes 221
Liberty Hustle 214
Lvl Up Merch 247/248
Metaverse VR 141
Microsoft 241/242/249/250/251/
Misty Mountains 207
My 4 Sons Comics, Cards, & Games 189/205
Nerdy Bit 161
Nevada Airbrush 216
Orozco Design Studio & The Hidden 7 228
Pennavir Vinyl Decals 235
PescEffects- The Art of Jerry Pesce 243/252
Pixel Empire 128
Poke Doki 194
Rainbow Ribbon 154/155
Red Hood Comics 150/166
Retro City Games 220
Sektor Seven/ Shhteeb 213
Shark Robot 153/169/212/227
Shawnsolo Games 158
ShimpSonSComicS 229
Surreal Makeup 118
T-Mobile 136/137
Tasty Peach Studios 146/162
The Art Of Alexander Iaccarino 105
The Yaoi Army 107
Toy Arena 173
Toy Mandala 224/225/226
Toys Logic 230/231/232
Toy Temple 152
Toytropolis 149/165/206
UCC Distributing 177/178/191/192
Video Game Intertainment 127
Viewdoo 156/172/180/195
Visual You 170
Wild Bills Soda 239/240
Wizyakuza 168
Yay4Anime 122/123
Zia Records 244
Zombie Patrol 233/234/218/219
James Spence Authentication, LLC Autograph Area


alyruko and mynameiseyyyyyy A06
Aortic Inkwell A31
Art by Vy A15
Art Over Flowers A51
Astropill A16
Bleached Kitten Inkk A28
Cazel R. A44
CeeVee Illustrations A02
Chiffonsu A23
CLIR Studio A40
Co-op Clothing Company A54
Crazy Red Artist A43
Croc Shop A18
DeuceHiztori A17
Digital Potatoes A41
Etherelle Art A04
Ev01 and Co. A20
Fabucastle A21
G21MM Illustrations A22
Gamja Hime A24
GApollo Gallery A30
GlassCatfish A26
Goldstar Lucky A27
Hexselenas A13
HVoice A53
injureddreams A11
Jiji Knight and Miss Upacey A29
Jisu A49
kakimari A14
Kitty Flower Art A01
Kulukan A32
Kumi Ventura Arts A56
Lili Neko A07
Lonelystar A34
Lunchtime Friends A35
Melora Mylin A57
NekomimiPUNKS A33
Niandni A36
onemegawatt & beepii A37
Parakid A19
Pitchgold A39
Pixel Hour A48
QQ A05
Red Flare Art A55
Kaijukat A25
Maiko A60
Cardy A61
1First Comics A62
1First Comics A63
Revd Up Geek Designs A10
Robin’s Kawaii Corner and JJ Obsession A59
RobotCat A03
RyuuHana A42
Savvy Jensen Art A08
SiQ Clothing A09
SJ Miller A45
Spare Cabin A46
Sworderailer A50
Tacoroach / Fairly Artful A12
The Jetty Jet Show A47
TLSeelyIllustrations A52
Wee Bit O Geek and Freak A58

Indie Game Developers

Desert Pines Animation 125
Game Wave Studios G02
Hero’s Legend Studio 126
Indie Hall Info Table / Shedonkadonk G08
Mayfirerose art G04
Scary Movie Night G01
Scary Robot G06
Scorched Edge Animation Network G03
SkyReach Studio G05
Southeast Career & Technical Academy 124
Whim Independent Studios G07

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