Have you ever wanted to be a real life Pokémon Trainer? Travel the world with your favorite Pokémon and challenge trainers and experts at real battles? Well, LVL UP EXPO has made your dreams come true with this year’s Pokemon Academy Challenge!
What’s the Hype?

Get your very own Trainer Card and use it to challenge Pokemon Professors for stamps and prove that you’re the best Trainer around! These expert Professors will put all their skill into a special team and your assignment is to take them down! Want extra credit and a better chance to win some money? Then topple other Trainers to gain a high enough grade to graduate into Sunday’s Final Exam Tournament. You could not only win prizes and money, but the ability to call yourself the LVL UP EXPO Champion! Normally we invite Gym Leaders from regions all around the Pokémon world, but you trainers have proven to be SO STRONG that none of them were brave enough to show up this year! So instead we have gathered a group of the smartest Pokemon Professors we could find, and asked them to create the PERFECT teams, and use those teams to test any trainer brave enough to challenge them. Be prepared to fight against all Pokémon types, as our Professors will be using the best of the best! The rules are simple and this tournament is fun and free… so pay attention:

Here’s What You Could Win!

$500 Prize Split

1st Place: $300 + Trophy

2nd Place: $150 + Trophy

3rd Place: $50 + Trophy

Players are expected to understand the rules when participating in a competition, so please read on:

What You Need to Know

  • This tournament is FREE TO ENTER! But you must purchase a convention badge here to enter the premises and participate.
  • This tournament is for the Nintendo Switch platform.
  • You must have the Lets Go! Pokemon Eevee or Lets Go! Pokemon Pikachu game carts to play.
  • It is BYOC– Bring your own charger! We will have a limited amount of chargers for trainers to borrow and outlets to use.
  • Lastly no RSVP is required, trainers can register at the Pokemon Center days of our event.

Friday and Saturday Tournament

The Pokemon Academy Challenge will consist of 6v6 or 3v3 battles against other trainers and the conventions Pokemon Professors.
No Pokemon are banned for these battles.
Step 1: Visit the Pokemon Center on Friday or Saturday to obtain your very own Academy trainer card. You’ll be using this to track how many Professors you’ve beaten and how many extra credit trainer fights you have won. (Remember that if you show up Friday, you’ll have an extra day to complete your trainer card.)
Step 2: Ask one of our Professors for a battle. After the battle is done, the Professors will stamp trainer card. If you beat another trainer for extra credit, You can have any professor or Pokemon Center worker initial your card after you confirm with them who won and who lost.
Step 3: There is no requirement to get entered into the Sunday Final Exam Tournament, but your first goal should be to defeat all of the Professors. You can choose to get extra credit by challenging other trainers. The fuller your Academy Trainer card is, the more likely you’ll get into the tournament, and if you do REALLY well, you might even get a first round bye.
Step 4: Once you feel like you’ve done enough battles, visit the Pokemon Center! Turn in your Academy Trainer card and you’ll be entered into Sunday’s Final Exam Tournament to become this year’s League Champion.

Sunday Tournament

The Final Exam Tournament will follow a more traditional and structured set of competitive rules. If you have competed in a Pokemon tournament before, you may be familiar with it! If you are skilled enough to be one Trainers that gets entered, you will compete with other trainers and see who will become the LVL UP EXPO Academy Champion!

Finals Rules and Regulations

This Tournament is played in Best of One rounds

  • Doubles Battle Mode / Normal Rules
  • 6 Pokemon per player
  • No Partner Pokemon
  • No Myhtical Pokemon (Mew / Melmetal (Meltan)
  • No Mewtwo
  • Single elimination with random matchmaking
  • Take a screenshot of the win screen in case of doubt.

LVL UP EXPO 2017: Gym Leader Challenge

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