Side Quest

You are strolling through an Exhibit Hall, when you notice out of the corner of your eye, a Merchant’s Booth with a single stream of light shining down on it. It is calling to you, you are oddly drawn to it. You then realize you are destined to complete a QUEST.


Side Quest is a free and interactive event, designed like a scavenger hunt for individuals to complete at their leisure throughout the weekend.

Start your own Adventure!

You must first locate the Side Quest Booth and pick your class to obtain your first scroll to get started.

Our Quest Merchants will be at the booth and eager to send you on your journey to complete their bounty of quests.

Hint: Look for the exclamation point.

Travelers will receive their first scroll with 5 quests to complete. Quests are completed by taking pictures or videos of the specific task.

Once all 5 quests are complete, the Traveler will report to a merchant to turn in the scroll for review. Once confirmed, the Traveler will be ranked as a Rookie and receive a Rookie Ribbon.

The Traveler will now receive the next 5 quests to complete to move up in rank. Rookie > Adept > Expert.

Once all three scrolls are completed, the Traveler will receive one final quest to obtain the exclusive Thunder Potion.

Traveler's Code of Conduct

You can not use the same picture/video for multiple quests.

ALWAYS ask for consent before taking a picture or video of another attendee.

One potion per attendee, regardless of how many classes are completed.

One class per campaign. Once you’ve finished the campaign, you may start a different class.

Pick your class!