Side Quest

You are strolling through an Exhibit Hall surrounded by an abundance of people, when you notice out of the corner of your eye, a booth with a single stream of light shining down on it. It is calling to you, you are oddly drawn to it. You then realize you are destined to complete a QUEST.


Side Quest is a free and interactive event, designed like a scavenger hunt for individuals to complete at their leisure throughout the weekend.

Start your own Adventure!

You must first locate the Side Quest Booth and obtain a stamp card and your very first quest from a Quest Ninja to get started.

Hint: Look for the exclamation point.

Hold onto this stamp card and complete quests all throughout the weekend! The only thing you are competing against is the clock.

Free Spots: Post a picture/video of a quest you completed to social media. Show this to a Quest Ninja and receive an additional stamp for each one. Ribbons and Potions are 1 per player.

You can not use the same picture/video for multiple quests.

ALWAYS ask for consent before taking a picture or video of another attendee.

Our Quest Ninjas will be at the booth and eager to send you on your journey to complete their bounty of quests.